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AirCool® PRIME

PRIME chuck

Newest innovation in thermal testing from ERS

ERS' newest innovation in thermal testing, is a family of thermal chucks developed together with
MPI Corporation, a highly distinguished company in the analytical wafer probing industry.

Key features of PRIME:
• Industry’s lowest soaking time
• Ultra low noise
• Fast transition times
• PRIME Thermo Shield (PTS)
• Reaching -10°C with NO chiller
• Highest flexibility with modular surface design

This is the 4th generation of thermal chucks from ERS, with a temperature ranging from -60 to 300ºC. For test temperatures down to -10ºC, no separate chiller is necessary, and for -40ºC only a small chiller is needed (only 1/3 of the size of a normal ERS chiller). 
The PRIME Thermo Shield (PTS) is integrated into the chuck, leading to an estimated 2/3 reduction in soaking times compared to previous ERS models. 

It is initially available for 300mm (12") wafers. 

More details and specifications are coming soon!


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