Enabling Confidence

Complete thermal solutions designed with
test know-how and built-in reliability

Test at Temperature, Thermal Wafer Chucks


AirCool® PRIME

New family of thermal chucks, available for 300mm wafers, with a temperature range of -60 to 300°C


• Industry’s lowest soaking time
• Ultra low noise
• Fast transition times
• PRIME Thermo Shield (PTS)
• Reaching -10°C with NO chiller
• Highest flexibility with modular surface design


AC3 modular patented air-only chuck system

Fully integrated hot/cold solutions for all major production and laboratory wafer probers

ERS AC3 Thermal Wafer Chuck System
  • No liquids or Peltier elements
  • MTBF > 50,000 hours
  • Temperature ranges from -65 to +400 °C
  • Modular system, adaptable to individual testing requirements
  • High energy dissipation option with patented PowerSense® upgrade


WaferTherm® liquid cooled chuck system

Use-anywhere hot/cold solution for the laboratory and the wafer test floor

ERS AC3 Thermal Wafer Chuck System
  • Liquid-cooled chuck system
  • Temperature ranges from -65 to +200 °C
  • Standardized AC3 electronic control components
  • High energy dissipation option with patented PowerSense® upgrade


ACP patented efficient heat exchanging system

The core technology of the highly efficient AC3 is the ACP efficient heat exchanging system. This extracts maximum cooling from the chilled air while making double use of the dry air source when the expended dry air is used to purge the chuck area.

ACP Patented heat exchanging

Further Testing Applications

AirCool®3 Package Level

Final Test application of the famous ERS AirCool®plus thermal system that uses only air for cooling.  This clean, green system can be integrated into both MEMS motion sensor stimulus units as well as into static test handlers.

  • No Nitrogen needed for cooling
  • Temperature ranges from -55 to +200 °C

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