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Designing and building new tools for both test and production
based on a broad range of high-tech ERS thermal solutions

Custom Solutions

ERS is always ready to address the challenges posed by thermal influences in new products and technologies. The more difficult the thermal test or process issue, the more interesting for ERS. Let us know what your problem is and we will provide a solution in a surprisingly short period of time.

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When a world-leader in automotive components came to ERS with a need to test rectangular hybrid modules, at temperature and in an automated process, ERS rose to the challenge and designed and built the HybridTherm® system.

When - at a time when micron accuracy was still exotic for a probing application - one of the most famous names in computing asked ERS for 1 micron motion accuracy in an XYZ motion system to "probe" devices with an emission microscope,  ERS rose to the challenge and designed and built the ERS CleanTherm® system.

When the manufacturer of a dry etcher required temperature control on a chuck moving in 3 dimensions inside of a vacuum chamber, ERS rose to the challenge and built the ERS VacuTherm® system.

When a leading manufacturer of mobile communication devices developed a promising new fan-out wafer level package and needed a solution to safely and cleanly remove a molded wafer from a carrier, they came to ERS for a solution.  When licenses for this new technology began to be sold around the world to both chip makers and assembly houses, ERS developed a fleet of automatic production tools (ADM200, WAT 200 and ADM300) to support the packaging technology.

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eWLB debonding and warpage adjustment solutions

ADM 300

ERS ADM 300 Debonding System eWLB wafer

ERS ADM300 Automatic 300mm eWLB Wafer Debonding Machine Supports 300mm Fan-Out Wafer-Level-Package (FOWLP) Volume Production.

ADM 200

ERS ADM 200 Debonding System eWLB wafer

The world's first and only 200mm eWLB automatic debonding tool is sold and running at multiple sub-con facilities in both Europe and Asia.

ADM 200

WAT 200 Warpage Adjustment System

The world's first and only 200mm eWLB automatic warpage adjust tool.


Special solutions

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ERS solutions with thermal precision in the center of a unique application
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High tech thermal solutions for the world market

An interview with ERS general manager Klemens Reitinger on advanced packaging technology which appeared in the February 2012 issue of Yole Développement's 3D Packaging.


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